TaLLinn Travel Guide

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, seems to me like a lovely place. When ı came to the city in the night ı went out looking for a hotel. I prefer a hotel near the city center. After a short walk ı enter the Center Hotel after a brief conversation with the woman at the front desk, ı take my key and go to my room. Tallinn is waiting to be discovered in the morning.

I’ am getting out of the hotel early in the morning. The weather is A very nice today. I am lucky. My morale is too high. After a short walk, I come to the part of the city called out the old town. There are historical and touristic places in the old town. There is no home or business center in any way. Modern buildings connot be made. I wish it was in Istanbul. Turkey, such us the ridiculous disco, bars venues located next to the historic sites

A first entry upon the old town. Viru Gate greets us between two towers. There are many souvenir sellers to the right and left of this buildings. Here’s also MC donalds as everywhere else.

After arriving very little walking distance from the locals we arrive at the Raekoja Plats this building was built in 1322. All texture peserved. It has been kept around without any flaws. The building is located in the center of the old town. A big challenge and all the activities are done here

There is and olde hanse restaurant just down the square. A crowded restaurant with local medieval suit waiters. In the restaurant you can find many different tastes from beef meat. Does it suit your taste? I don’t know. I have not used this restaurant for my choice of food. The taste of meat does not suit our taste. Also very expensive.

I keep walking away from the square. A little further to the Nevsky cathedral of Russian architecture. The cathedral opened in the 1900s is a sybol of Tallinn

When ı go down the cathedral, kiek in de kök is a medieval castle. I think it used to be a shelter in ancient times. Children play in the tunnels outside, women are chatting in the park. In the cafe on the top floor of the tower, people sip their coffee against the view

My Last Words

Tallinn is a really beautiful city in the Baltic, even the most beautiful in all Baltic countries.

Where to stay

I would recommend my stay at the center hotel. But there was a shared bathroom

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